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Mohammad Khajah is a 17 years old self-taught full stack developer with programming experience for more than 8+ years, i've won many competitions in Kuwait one from AUM University , Coded and Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences , etc... i worked as a freelancer for 5 years and i'm now dedicating my time to work on my business.
"After years of working as a freelancer i think i got much experience to stop freelancing and to start my own business"



project deserves going for the extra mile finding the exact right color scheme, layout and font.


Back end development is my passion it's what makes me like programming , i like to write difficult code that even i can't understand.

Bug Bounty Hunting

Hacking is cool right ? well it is but don't get me wrong, i'm not a bad guy i just discover vulnerabilities for living


Where is this gentlemen from?

well i'm from this lovely country called Kuwait.

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